Release notes

Date: 2023-10-25
Version: 6.0.0

2023-10-25 Ecmanage 6.0

Changes due to tickets:

  1. New look and feel management screens employment, functions and VAT.

  2. Configuration ERP integration possible via admin screen for selected ERP systems.

  3. Bug fix: Previously it was possible to link bulk packages to persons via the import sheet. This is now no longer possible.

  4. Permissions to edit data in the new screens have been added. By default, the roles CustomerAdmin and SupplierAdmin will have these permissions. Via the management screen, this, as well as all other permissions, can be adjusted as required.

  5. General changes related to the new UI layout. As a result, a different font is used everywhere and there is generally more white space on the page.

  6. The portal management screen has been split up into tabs.

  7. In the order status screen, if the inventory module with estimated delivery date is used, you will now see “Unknown” as the delivery date instead of nothing. This makes it more clear there was no known delivery date at the time of placing the order.

  8. In the portal management screen the language’s code will now also be displayed.

  9. Pagination and the count of the number of results in the order status screen works again, even when filtering with by order status.

  10. Not all address data was passed along to integration tools when using the custom address module while placing orders for multiple persons. This has been corrected.

Updated import sheets:

  1. 10) Sets - The Column “Set ID external” has been removed. Sets will now be identified using the group id and start date.

  2. 22) Set validations - has been overhauled. Can now process validation of both the MIN and MAX type.

2023-08-26 Ecmanage 5.7.3

Security is an important subject for the Ecmanage platform. We have a monthly update for our infrastructure with the updates that are available for the components that we use within the platform.

Some of the updates, however, require more preparation and time to implement on the platform. Currently we have a large software and data update that needs to be applied. We have calculated the update process to take 4 to 6 hours due to complex scripts that need to run on our database.

2022-12-20 Ecmanage 5.7.2

Changes in the menu structure in Ecmanage:

We have been adding languages to Ecmanage, this has led to a change in the way Ecmanage stores the translated text for each menu item. Currently a copy of each menu is stored in each respective language. This was a logical way to support multiple languages and also a way to be able to support customer specific menu items. Currently the growth in languages has the unfortunate side effect of enormous growth in data.

In the next Ecmanage release we have changed the way the menu is stored. There are 3 areas affected:

  1. Standard Ecmanage menu items will be translated using a different method to further enable grows in the amount of supported languages. We currently have 9 languages and expect to support more in the near future.

  2. Custom reporting menu items will be removed from the menu, but the reports are still available in the reporting module.

  3. Customer specific menu items will stay unchanged. And modifications to customer specific items can be requested via our support department.

The advantage of having a reduced amount of menu items is that creating new portals will be a faster process.

2022-05-31 Ecmanage 5.7.1


  1. In preparation for releasing an Ecmanage app for iPhone and Android, Ecmanage has been updated with backend functionality allowing users to order for themselves.

  2. Orders for procurement systems are now able to process orders for multiple persons.

  3. Italian and Portuguese languages have been added.

  4. The product management module now shows in which sets the product has been added.

  5. Saving email settings for departments would cause errors, this has been fixed.

  6. Logic added to be able to order using a product browse module.

  7. It is now possible to have an integration tool process a return order before it has been approved in Ecmanage.

2022-02-10 Ecmanage 5.7

Changes due to IRIS change requests:

  1. IRS13442801 Ecmanage App first release basic backend functionality

  2. IRS13442790 Procurement system cXML protocol

  3. IRS13239609 Additional department for bulk orders and order status

  4. IRS13366637 Report automation


  1. Person address can now be saved regardless of visibility in the orderflow

  2. IRS13220414 & IRS13254371 Return to user list using back button functionality restored

  3. User account management module repaired of sync issues and saving of authorised option and roles.

  4. Repaired deleting of multiple users.

  5. Reduce amount of database interactions during shopping cart process

  6. Place order button is now locked after first press.

  7. Danish and Spanish translations

  8. Order of addresses in the orderscreen can be modified in the customer settings

  9. IRS12908124 Import addresses, modified by no longer relevant.

  10. IRS12938660 Bussiness hours module layout fixed

2021-11-09 Ecmanage 5.6

Changes due to IRIS change requests:

  1. IRS13211680 - User account management + signaling
    The User account management module has received an update, complete with a new look. The additional signaling module has been integrated with this and been extended with additional functionality.
  2. IRS13140796 - Strange characters used while creating new customer
    It was possible to use strange characters in the company acronym while creating a new customer portal. This would cause errors during the creation process. This is now no longer possible.
  3. IRS13098721 - Asynchronous reports
    Reports are now automatically prepared in the background, and the download button will only be enabled once this has been completed. You will now no longer get a timeout error while waiting for the report to download.

Other changes:

  1. Performance
    New additional servers are enabled in the infrastructure, the upload integration has improved synchronisation of data, static product information is now stored in cache en the number of calls from the order screen has been reduced to lessen the load on the server. We will monitor the production environment in the coming days to see how this release behaves in an environment with many concurrent users.

Updated import sheets:

  1. 04) Products - Column “Lifespan warning” added

2020-12-22 Ecmanage 5.5

Changes due to IRIS change requests:

  1. IRS13164776 - Inactive products in portal checklist
    Products that are inactive are now no longer included in, for example, the product image check, which has made the overview clearer.
  2. IRS13143546 - Text color in user panel
    In the 2020 skin it is now also possible to adjust the text color in the user panel (the bar at the top).
  3. IRS13131798 - No or wrong return address when returning for another
    When placing a return order for another person, the return address was determined based on the person placing the return, rather than the person for whom the return is placed. This has been corrected.
  4. IRS13119511 & IRS13108214 & IRS12990426 - Text color homepage panels in 2020 skin
    In the 2020 skin it was no longer possible to adjust the text color of the homepage panels, this has been fixed.
  5. IRS13098721 & IRS13034052 - Reports
    The reporting screen has been completely redesigned. If you now request a report, it will be placed in a queue and processed in the background. As a result, you will no longer receive timeout errors if this takes too long. You can also enter an email address to automatically receive an email with a download link after the report is ready. Administrators can now also determine who is allowed to see which report(s) using permissions.
  6. IRS13053357 - Text after placing a return order
    The text that is displayed after placing a return order, which also includes the return address, can now be customized via “Language settings”.
  7. IRS13046757 - Validation status in list view in “Approve orders” module
    In the list mode of the module “Approve orders” you can now immediately see whether the order has broken any validations so that you do not have to open every order individually to check this.
  8. IRS12967557 - Order from own supply
    It is now possible to add an extra checkbox called “Order from own supply” to the order screen via a Customer setting, this text can be customized via “Language settings”. This information can be used by integration to act upon if neccesary. Another Customer setting is available to enable that the ordered products do not decrease the supply in Ecmanage.
  9. IRS12887389 - Change background image on login page
    After changing the background image on the login page someone from Ecmanage had to manually clear cache to make this immediately visible. The system now does this automatically.

Other changes:

  1. Order for myself and another
    In the previous release the appearance of the order module “For multiple persons” has been updated and its performance improved. This is now also done for the order modules “For myself” and “For another”. Functionality that is present in those modules but was missing in “For multiple persons” has been added there too, such as grouping the products by their productgroup.
  2. Homepage icons
    Via “Portal settings” it is now possible to choose from 3 different icon packs to be used in the panels on the homepage. The “2017”-set is the current set of icons what were introduced in 2017. The “2020 - Flat”-set are sleek icons with 1 adjustable color. And the “2020 - Duotone”-set are more modern icons with 2 adjustable colors.
  3. General appearance of the system
    We are working on giving Ecmanage a more modern and consistent look. This was already reflected in the appearance of the notifications on-screen, and this has been continued in this release. The “Portal Settings”, “Order Status” and “Review Orders” screens have now also been updated.

2020-07-22 Ecmanage 5.4

Changes due to IRIS change requests:

  1. IRS12845875 - Add customer - customer admin account
    When creating a new customer portal it is possible to also have a customer admin account be created. If you chose a username that was not available you were not allowed to create the portal, but with no indication why. You are now shown a message explaining why.
  2. IRS12850363 - Order for multiple persons
    This module had limited functionality, some bugs and wasn’t upgradable. This module has been rebuilt from scratch with these issues addressed.
  3. IRS12878842 - Circular reference when importing departments
    Using import sheets it was possible to assign a parent department to a department that is also a child department. This creates a circular reference and causes that department and its child departments to disappear from the customer portal. This is now prevented and you are shown an error message when this would happen now.
  4. IRS12896310 - Point calculation displayed
    During the order process a point calculation would be shown even if the display of points was disabled. This has been corrected.
  5. IRS12907948 & IRS13042170- Updating sales and revenue reports when deleting or returning an order
    Deleting or returning an order would not update the sales and revenue reports. This would correct itself at the end of the month, but now also updates live.
  6. IRS12910775 - Weird characters in productgroup name
    In the productgroup management module the name would be displayed wrongly when it contained weird characters. This has been corrected.
  7. IRS12911699 - Sortorder for employment types and functions
    The import sheets for employment types and functions now have columns to allow you to set the sort order.
  8. IRS12917089 - Plus button for products with 1 size
    If ordering multiple sizes of 1 product was enabled (via the “plus button”) this would only work for products that have multiple sizes. This now also works for products with only 1 size.
  9. IRS12940343 - Strange text when ordering quantities of 10000 or more
    The order screen would show errors when ordering more than 10000 of a single product. This has been corrected.
  10. IRS12954555 - “My orders” displays points even when points are disabled
    The module “My orders” would incorrectly display the points if this is disabled. This has been corrected.
  11. IRS12955479 & IRS13079669 & IRS13084938 - Language errors and translations
    Throughout the whole application language errors have been corrected and missing translations have been added, especially the column titles in the import sheet reports.
  12. IRS12971033 - Start set checkbox for validation rules
    When adding validation rules in a start set it would show a checkbox to indicate this was a rule for start sets. Because start sets are their own set now, apart from normal sets, this is now redundant and the checkbox has been removed.
  13. IRS12974168 - Spaces in product numbers.
    Using the import sheet it was possible to use spaces in product numbers, but via the Manage products module this was not possible. This has been made possible now.
  14. IRS13010765 - Loading times / performance
    Several changes have been made in the core of the application to improve performance, but also make the performance measurable so we can analyse it to further improve performance in future releases.
  15. IRS13060771 - Request password is now easier
    Requesting a new password is now even easier. If you click “Forgot password” on the login screen the username you already filled in will be used instead of showing a new window where you have to enter your username again.
  16. IRS13079713 - Quantity in cart not visible on mobile
    The screen where you can enter a remark and choose an address did not display the quantities of products in your cart when viewed on mobile resolutions. This has been corrected.
  17. IRS13097511 - Strange error when updating password
    After updating your password after logging in would sometimes display a strange technical error. This procedure has been changed and should no longer generate this error.
  18. IRS13099084 - Payment using iDEAL or points
    If partial payments are enabled the order screen would show both payment options as choices. For example Points and iDEAL. If iDEAL is chosen you can then use points to pay for (part of) the order. Because this is not clear for the user, if partial payments is enabled, those Mollie options are changed to include “and/or points” in their option to indicate you can use both.

Updated import sheets:

  1. 01) Employment types - Column “Sortorder” added

  2. 02) Functions - Column “Sortorder” added

2020-04-07 Ecmanage 5.3

Changes due to IRIS change requests:

  1. IRS12810180 - Validate return orders via import
    It is now possible to validate return orders using an import sheet. For more information, visit our wiki (
  2. IRS12928551 - Report import sheet Sets
    This report was missing the column “Applies to” causing it to now match the import sheet. This has been corrected.
  3. IRS12975488 - Product images
    Displaying product images has been updated on all order screens. In the product management module photo’s are now easier to manage. And the routines for importing -images via the upload tool or manually as a zip-file via “Import data” has been updated. It is now no longer neccesary to provide different resolutions (“_T” and “_L”) for each photo. The system will now create these for you. For more information, visit our wiki (
  4. IRS12977578 & IRS12985839 - Import historical orders
    The logic to import orders has been expanded with logica for historical orders. This makes it possible to import orders with a date in the past. This puts the products in a consignee’s possession on that date, allowing set validations to calculate allowed products using the products in possession on the correct dates.
  5. IRS12991383 - Import projects
    It is now possible to create projects via import sheets.
  6. IRS13015033 - Remove consignee role from email settings
    Some email settings allow to to send an email to the closest persons with a specific role. “Consignee” was a role that could be chosen as well. However there is no situation in which you want to send an email to (nearly) every consignee. To prevent accidents we have remove this role from the options.
  7. IRS13038166 - Noreply email address not saved in email settings
    If the value of a setting matches the internal default value exactly, the would see this as “unchanged” and would not save it. This has been corrected.
  8. IRS13038551 - Report orders per period
    The column “Total” was confusing. This is the total of the order, but could be interpreted as the total of the current line. To clear this up we renamed the column to “Order total”.

New import sheets:

  1. 25) Projects

  2. 26) Validate return orders

2020-01-07 Ecmanage 5.2

Changes due to IRIS change requests:

  1. IRS12689708 – Fitting session planning module
    Cutter couldn’t edit fitting sessions. Sending an email gave no feedback. Email setting extended with Role option.
  2. IRS12910764 User agreement
    If the agreement is activated, orders placed for another person will be waiting in the Manual assessment step until the consignee has signed the agreement. If that consignee has an email address in his profile, he will also be sent an email with this information.
  3. IRS12937703 - Stock indication
    A stock indication was given in the confirmation order screen. This has now been removed because this only indicates the current status, not the availability per order line. When using the stock module, the estimated delivery date is shown.
  4. IRS12949231 - Importing inactive person on inactive department
    Importing a person in an inactive department will trigger a warning. This no longer happens when persons themselves are also imported as inactive.
  5. IRS12953312 Set applies to
    In the set management module normal sets have a “Set applies to” option. This was missing in the import sheet and has now been added.
  6. IRS12956997 - People search
    Searching people based on username did not work if (part of) the client macro was used. This has been corrected.
  7. IRS12968767 Validation settings per department
    It is now possible to configure validation settings per department, if this has also been enabled for customer settings.
  8. IRS12975862 – Budget task history
    Budget tasks are given a new execution date after they have been processed. When the budget order is finished after that, it will be archived. As a result, you will see a date in the future in the history overview. To avoid further confusion, the new date will only be determined if the task is not going to be archived.
  9. IRS12976203 - Copy/Paste article number
    In a number of places it was not possible to paste the article number into the text field. This has now been made possible.

Updated import sheets:

  1. 06) Departments - Columns “Preamble” and “Extra” added

  2. 10) Sets - Column “Applies to” added

2019-09-18 Ecmanage 5.1

Changes due to IRIS change requests:
  1. IRS12689708 Fitting session planning module
    The first version of a fitting session planning module has been realized. This will become fully available in a future release.
  2. IRS12887334 Remove products from sets via import
    It is now possible to remove products from sets by using the Sets importsheet.
  3. IRS12896288 Size dropdown menu in My Web
    The size dropdown menu in the Manage sizes tab is now hidden properly when the setting "May a user edit his or her own measures?" is set to "Yes".
  4. IRS12902855 Projects management page
    The bug that the id and description are saved the wrong way around when creating a new project has been fixed.
  5. IRS12891239 Complaint module management page
    The management page for reasons and statusses for the complaint module now works on both supplier and customer portals.
  6. IRS12911798 Missing set information after saving order
    The bug that set information is lost after clicking the Save button on the confirmation page when placing an order has now been fixed.
Updated import sheets:
  1. 10) Sets - Column "Delete?" added

2019-06-26 Ecmanage 5.0

Changes due to IRIS change requests:
  1. IRS12771515 Line numbers in shopping cart
    The shopping cart now displays numbers for each line, and the total number of products at the bottom.
  2. IRS12787267 Critical error when assigning a set without an employment type.
    Assigning a set with incomplete data caused a critical error. This now displays a clear error message.
  3. IRS12787278 Budget task cache
    After handing out budget it would take a while before this affected the order screen, this has been corrected.
  4. IRS12791469 Budget task overview
    The budget task overview did not display all information, such as chosen genders and functions, this has been updated.
  5. IRS12807177 Make the text "Employee Id" adjustable
    The text "Employee Id" can now be adjusted via Language Settings.
  6. IRS12818232 Orderstatus payments for out of budget orders
    Out of budget orders now explicitely show a message that the budget was not credited to the consignee in the Orderstatus module.
  7. IRS12819596 Productgroup custom products
    The productgroup for custom products was always shown at the top of the order list. This now has a customer setting to set the desired sort order.
  8. IRS12820124 Next button when placing an order
    The orderlist and the following order screen now also have a Next button at the top of the page for easier navigation.
  9. IRS12823908 Attributes with multiple values
    Attributes that support multiple values (using the "value extern id") can now be deleted via import by importing the attribute with the desired extern id and leaving the value empty.
  10. IRS12829826 Order costs based on address and order total
    Ordercosts based on address now also support variable prices based on the order total.
  11. IRS12829947 Importing persons under inactive companies does not result in an error
    It is still possible to import persons under inactive companies, but in the import result this does show a warning. If the import was uploaded via the Upload too, this will also be emailed.
  12. IRS12833885 Language settings in other languages
    The language dropdownlist in the Language Settings module did not work. This has been corrected.
  13. IRS12836129 Cache flush after attribute import
    Changes after an attribute import were not immediately visible. This has been corrected.
  14. IRS12837559 Delete email logo
    It is now possible to delete the email logo via the department management module..
  15. IRS12848108 Being able to order over budget with order costs
    If payments via Mollie and points was enabled, and ordercosts are used, it was possible to place an order that was higher than your available budget, this has been corrected.
  16. IRS12860142 Project module required
    It was not possible anymore to make project a required field when placing an order. This has been corrected.
  17. IRS12865510 No cache refresh after assigning additional departments
    After importing additional departments these were not immediately visible. This has been corrected.
  18. IRS12867028 Productphotos for products with slashes in the product number
    It was not possible to add photos to products that had product numbers that contain slashes. This has been corrected.
  19. IRS12868007 Ordering for multiple persons
    In the module Order for multiple persons products were always added to the shopping cart, preventing you from actually removing items. This has been corrected. The quantities in the form when saving will become the new quantities, instead of being added.
Updated import sheets:
  1. 09) Attributes - Value column is no longer required

2019-03-26 Ecmanage 4.7

Changes due to IRIS change requests:
  1. IRS10295503 Customer with the same acronym across different suppliers
    Creating a customer would sometimes result in an error message saying the acronym is already in use. This was because another ecmanage customer already used this acronym. This has been resolved.
    This changed has been postponed until the next release due to functional difficulties.
  2. IRS11879327 Minimum quantity validation for sets.
    There are now 2 types of set validations: Min and Max. Max is the existing validation for a maximum amount of products per period. Min is a new validation that checks the amount of products orders meets a specific minimum amount, if it is ordered at all.
  3. IRS12295776 Making offsizes required.
    When using parameters (specified offsizes) can now be set to required.
  4. IRS12656169 Read only mode.
    A new permission called "Read only mode" has been added. Users with this permission cannot add, modify or delete data in ecmanage.
  5. IRS12665530 Track and Trace code in ECManage.
    Functionality has been added to add a link to an order via import. This can be used to display a Track & Trace link in the order.
  6. IRS12667686 Customizable customer creation.
    When creating a new customer portal using an existing customer as a template you can now select what data should be copied from the existing customer.
  7. IRS12675386 Assigned set overview.
    A new report has been added. This report gives and overview of every person and which sets they have assigned to them.
  8. IRS12699267 Import ordercosts - type.
    The import sheet for ordercosts has been updated with a Type column. This allows you to choose what type of order costs is imported.
  9. IRS12729715 Database variables.
    A new module has been added to manage extra attribute (such as the Reference field for orders).
  10. IRS12737074 Import CSV instead of XML.
    It is now possible to import CSV files. Because CSV files require specific column names, new import templates have been created.
  11. IRS12737118 Possible memory issues when viewing customer overview on supplier portal.
    The customer overview on the supplier portal homepage used to retrieve order data for each customer 1 by 1. This would become very slow when there are many customer portals. This order data is now generated once a day, allowing this module to instantly retrieve and display the data.
  12. IRS12740594 Dropdownlist at person measures.
    It is now possible to display a dropdownlist with all product sizes instead of a free-form text field when managing a person's sizes in their profile.
  13. IRS12741947 Portal check on unique assortment id.
    The portal checklist module has a new step that checks if there are any overlapping assortment ids.
  14. IRS12743069 Add a Delete column to the custom product import sheet.
    The import sheet for custom products now has a new Delete column to be able to unassign custom products.
  15. IRS12743531 Cannot use the same password after a forced password change.
    It has been made impossible to enter the same password when you are required to change your password. This in accordance to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  16. IRS12743630 Add an Active column to the product overview.
    When searching for products in the product management module the list view now has an Active column to quickly identify (in)active products.
  17. IRS12762297 Send a mail after receiving new budget points.
    An email setting has been added that sends and e-mail after a person receives new budget points. This e-mail informs the receipient about the new budget and what the current budget is.
  18. IRS12768413 Username and password when creating a new customer.
    A default customer admin account will not automatically be created anymore when creating a new customer portal. This because of the fact that 'generic' accounts are not considered secure. It is however still possible to create a customer admin by entering a username and e-mail address when creating a new customer portal.
  19. IRS12769238 Customer settings after moving a department.
    When a department was moved in the hierarchy its customer settings would not be moved with it. This has been corrected.
  20. IRS12775772 Supplier admins.
    Modifying user data of a supplier admin on a customer portal would cause inconsistensies across customer portals. It is now no longer possible to modify supplier admin accounts on customer portals. When modifying a supplier admin on the supplier portal, all changes will be propagated to all customer portals.
  21. IRS12776157 Cache refresh product groups.
    There was no cache refresh after importing product groups, preventing you from managing them via the Product group management module. This has been corrected.
  22. IRS12776168 Importing departments.
    There was no cache refresh after importing departments, preventing you from managing them via the Department management module. This has been corrected.
  23. IRS12776663 Email adresses with strange characters.
    It was possible to use email adresses with strange characters (for example é) eventhough this is not supported. This is no longer possible.
  24. IRS12783494 Searching with assortment id.
    In the management modules for products and assortments you can now find products using assortment ids.
  25. IRS12784407 Return order within or out of budget.
    Just like in the Order status module, the Validate return order module now displays the type of order it is about at the top.
  26. IRS12786508 Importing person with an unknown role.
    When importing person with an unknown role you now get a warning instead of the role being ignored.
  27. IRS12788037 Validity durating of password after reset.
    After importing a new password for a person the validity duration was not reset. This has been corrected.
  28. IRS12790985 Displaying too many images.
    The product management module would sometimes display product images that did not belong to that product. This has been corrected.
  29. IRS12790996 Always displaying product instructions.
    It is possible to add an instruction pdf to products that is displayed when placing an order. When this is enable, and a product did not have a pdf assigned, it would display a blank ecmanage document. This document has been removed and for those products no documument will be displayed.
  30. IRS12794956 Report Product balance per person.
    The column "Employee number" has been added to the report "Product balance per person".
  31. IRS12794967 Double records in budget overview report.
    The report "Budget overview person" showed double records for persons with more than 1 function. This has been corrected.
  32. IRS12813821 Updated product instructions but not displayed.
    When updating the product instruction pdf the browser cache would display the old document. This has been corrected.
  33. IRS12821708 Product info panel displaying prices
    The product information panel (the "i-icon") when placing an order did not take in account the customer setting to hide prices. This has been corrected.
  34. IRS12823171 Strange header in password request email.
    The header in the password request email would sometimes contain strange characters (" "), this has been corrected.
Updated import sheets:
  1. 13) Custom products - Delete column added
  2. 19) Order costs - Type column added
  3. All import templates are now also available for CSV