Date: 2020-02-04
Version: 1.0

In Ecmanage is a comprehensive support for all process steps related to an order. From import order to delivery to customer. Many of these steps are done outside of Ecmanage but the system has the ability to communicate the status of these steps to users. By default, Ecmanage is set up so that after entering an order, all steps are completed automatically. After entering an order, it is immediately delivered to the customer. By means of configuration it is possible to mark certain steps as not automatic. Where a step is not automatic, the intention is to provide information about a status update from an external system. For this we can use the order status message. What do the process steps of Ecmanage look like?


Some examples of how an external system can send a status update:

  1. If an order is sent to an external system it is also possible to request an acknowledgement of receipt from the ERP system.

  2. If an order in an ERP system can be adjusted in terms of numbers, it is possible to pass this on via order status updates. See: Manual 20. Order statusses

  3. It is possible to track a shipment when it is sent via a carrier

  4. To show an acknowledgement of receipt, a signal could be processed if the carrier indicates that the shipment has been delivered.