ERP Systems

Date: 2020-07-09
Version: 1.0

Ecmanage integrates with various ERP systems. The integration has three main components, two for the data flow Ecmanage to ERP and one for ERP data to Ecmanage.

The first part of the integration tooling is a receive connector which has a constant connection with your Ecmanage enviroment. Any order that your customers place concerning your enviroments are directly transferred using secure https transport. The second step is an optional conversion to a standard ERP system. Depending on your ERP system the integration can be a REST json, SOAP web services or file based translations.

The following ERP systems have standard ways to integrate with Ecmanage:

If your ERP system is not in the list please contact Ecmanage sales. We are happy to invest in creating new integrations for standard ERP systems.

For the data flow from ERP to Ecmanage we have the option to import various types of data. The upload tooling helps to make the integration as smooth as possible.

If you need more information please contact our sales team.