Payment method with a Mollie account

Datum: 2019-12-03
Versie: 1.0

Payment method with a Mollie account

Payment account in the customer environment


A supplier can use this module to make payments and partial payments for orders.

Creating a payment account

First you need to create a “Mollie” payment account. This account is linked to an account number that receives the payments. For each account number a separate “Mollie” account must be created. The payment methods must also be activated for this payment account. To do this, create a website profile at Mollie under “Settings” and then follow the procedure under “Payment methods” to activate it. To create your Mollie account, go to:

Activate Mollie payment methods

There are several possibilities within the payment methods of Mollie: 1. The entire payment is via a Mollie payment method (iDEAL, Paypal or Credit Card). 2. Partial payments. In this case, part of the payment is settled with points, the remainder with a Mollie payment method. From the Main Menu, go to System >> Customer Settings > Payment Methods and check the applicable settings: image1

The API-key can be found on the Mollie website under the heading “Developers”: image2

In the case of partial payments, the value of 1 point can also be determined. By default, 1 point equals 1 euro. You can change this via Maintenance >> Base data > Payment factor image3

In the screen below you can indicate the payment factor (how much euro is worth 1 point). This is shown in the order screen as follows: image4

Here it is set how much 1 point is worth from a certain starting date. When creating a new value, the date may not be in the past, and once it has entered, it can no longer be modified or removed. Example - From 1 January 2018, 1 point is €1.00. - As from 1 January 2019, 1 point is €1.50. - And so on.

When this is set, the order screen should show the number of points that will be paid. This is done with a slider with the Mollie payment methods (iDEAL, PayPal and CreditCard). By dragging and dropping, you can indicate how many points are spent. The remaining amount must be paid via Mollie as usual. image5

In the Order Status screen, the payment methods used are shown with the price per method. For return orders, regardless of the chosen payment method, the value of the products will be credited back to the carrier in points with the original order. This of course considers the payment factor.

Overview payments

To get an overview of the payments, the supplier goes to his “Mollie” account via After logging the following will be shown: image6


Place an order

Via the main menu Orders >> For myself you can place the order.

image7 After confirming your order, you will be taken to the second step of the ordering process.

In this screen you must choose the payment method Budget/iDEAL/Credit Card/PayPal and confirm your order. The available payment methods are determined by which payment methods are activated in the Customer Settings.

image8 After clicking on the button: next step you will enter the third step of the ordering process.

image9 In this screen you can choose if you want to pay partially with points and/or iDEAL/Creditcard/Paypalte or only with points or iDEAL/Creditcard/Paypal and confirm the order again when you have indicated to pay with one of the following payment methods: Budget/iDEAL/Creditcard/Paypal. Click on the button Place order to go to the next page. The Mollie screen will be displayed here: image10

Then choose your bank.


After the payment, the normal payment procedure follows. After payment you will see the order confirmation.

image11 Order status ============

Order status

You can check the status of your orders via the menu Orders >> Order status. You will then see the following screen with information about the status of your orders: image12

In this case you can see that part of the payment was made with Budget and CreditCard. You can also find the Mollie transaction. image13