Custom URL

Date: 2019-11-29
Version: 1.0

Web address of a customer site (URL)

After the setup of the customer environment it is reachable via the following URL:

Where “supplier” is equal to the name given with the purchase of Ecmanage. And “customer” is equal to the company code entered when creating the customer environment.

It is possible to have a customer specific URL. The following routes are possible for the realisation:

  1. We can use the name of the customer as a part of the URL. The new web address will be:

  2. It is also possible to make an addition within your own company URL. You can then choose, for example, or

  3. A third option is to use the customer’s address. For example

For the second and third option, is a so-called DNS change required. A route is then created on the internet to the Ecmanage environment. (please use a CNAME reference to

It is also possible to link supplier- or customer-specific websites via URL forwarding. The underwater linking via so-called IFRAME’s is not supported by Ecmanage.